We are starting a new 4 weeks of strict Zone dieting today!!! We all had AWESOME results the first time around - I think everyone saw changes in their body and improvements in their performances!! If you so desire, find your weight, measurements, BMI, etc for today and post to the comments. We'll check back in 4 weeks to see the progress we've made! Happy Zoning! :)

Here's a little FYI from the Zone website:

How does your BMI compare to athletes and average Americans?
Triathletes 8%
Swimmers 10%
Ideal male 15%
Average American 23%

Gymnasts 14%
Swimmers 19%
Ideal female 22%
Average American 32%
(from http://zonediet.com/BodyFatZoneBlockRequirementCalculator/tabid/159/Default.aspx)


Nicole said...

I'll be the first to be brave and post my measurements!!

Weight: 123.2
Abdomen: 29
Hips: 37.5
Body Fat %: 24.60

I rounded my weight to 125 on the Zone calculator. My BMI is up a little from 21.95 when we ended our first 4 strict weeks. I'll aim to get back below that with these 4 weeks!

TheRevoltingBlob said...

I put my figures into the Zone calculator and it just said "FAT". I'm not sure what that's all about, but I'm looking into it.

Meeks said...

Weight: 205
Height: 6'2''
Waist: 35
Wrist: 8.5
Body Fat % 11

Another inch off the waist and a percentage of BF since the last measurement, but I never stopped Zoning. Hope to get the six pack out of the cooler soon.

TheRevoltingBlob said...

I guess by "fat", the Zone calculator really meant:
weight: 200
height: 70"
waist: 36"
wrist: 7"
% body fat: 17%
I've got a lot of work to do still. I would like to get down well under 15% body fat.

wannabeamilf said...

Weight: 170
Waist: 32"
Hips: 41.5"

30.34% Body Fat
51.58# of Body Fat
118.42# of Lean Body Mass
94.74g of Protein required
14 Blocks

Soon to be a hardbodied mommy!!

Nicole said...

Meeks I saw you measuring those pipes!!!! Are you going to post those measurements?? haha

Nysa said...

People should read this.