Check it out!

Welcome to The Rogue Fitness Files!! This blog will be a process...starting simple and hopefully expanding once I learn more blogging and HTML tricks :) Please give me suggestions of information we could add!! Here we can keep track of our CrossFit workouts -- times, weights used, etc -- Zone diet, post articles, post pictures...and anything else! Let's use it as motivation to push ourselves harder and faster!! As my highschool weightlifting coach said..."Pain is weakness leaving the body!"


TheRevoltingBlob said...

This is awesome. It's about damn time we got organized enough to track our own progress. Thanks for taking the initiative. I can't wait to kick Meek's butt on a daily basis and then tell the world about it! Puke N' Rally!!!!!!!!!!!

Rogue said...

Matt...are you therevoltingblob?? Let me know what workout you guys did today and I'll post it, and then you can post your times to the comments. Dani wants to do a benchmark tomorrow and take new measurements, and then start another 4 weeks of intense Zoning! Are you guys down??

Rogue said...

Oh and also...we need to take a group pic so I can replace the current one on here...Meeks doesn't like his shirt, haha! And, we need everyone in the pic! So bring your best workout clothes, and I'll bring my camera!