Over & Under

5 Rounds of the following:

Overhead Squats x10
Knees to Elbows x10
Handstand Push Ups (or modified) x5
Double Unders (or Box Jumps) x20


Post time & weight to comments

Dani pumping out some modified Handstand Push Ups!

Nicole preparing for Overhead Squats...3-2-1-Go!

CrossFit "abs"

Our 'boy wonder' Eric rockin' some nice Overhead Squats!


Anonymous said...

are you sure about that?

berto xxx

welcometothegunshow said...

Time...17:32....I won! Except for the whole weight trumping time thing :) And I FINALLY fell into place with my overhead squats today, last 2 rounds felt good!!

I did 65# overhead squats, and made it through 3 rounds of real handstand pushups before switching to modified for the last 2 rounds.

...and Berto, I am sure about that. But who are you???

Meeks said...

Meeks comes in with 18:40, yeah who the hell is berto?

TheRevoltingBlob said...

Minturn pulled out a 18:20 time.

wannabeamilf said...

Nissen came in at 18:26.

What's next? Thrusters and snatches?

Who is Berto? And are we sure about what?

wannabeamilf said...

Oh, yeah. I forgot to blog my weights so I can refer to this next time. Overhead squats were 55# and Mod. Handstand Push-ups were 45#. I think I can try moving up on the handstand push-ups. If I ever want to be as strong as Nicole, I better get to work!

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