5 Rounds of 10:

Deep Squat Cleans
Pull Ups
Gut Busters

Post time and weight to comments!


Pirate pull ups....arrrrgh

Nicole and Meeks doing deep squat cleans...."Its ok to grunt!"

Matt on pull ups, then recovering on the floor!!

Gotta love gut busters!

WARNING: Wrasslin' may lead to injuries!


welcometothegunshow said...

Nice times guys!! You guys rocked today. I finished in 19:02, not so good. 65# squat cleans (kicked my butt!), 10# ball on the gut busters. Due in part to my performance sucking and also to try to loosen up, I ran 1.5 miles on the trail when I got home. Thanks Jay for taking pictures!

TheRevoltingBlob said...

Everyone did an awsome job! Welcome back to Jay, and good work posting 14:34 on a hell of a comeback workout. I finished in 14:00, gotta keep getting better. The heat up there in the weight room is killer, but I'm liking the new challenge that it brings with every workout. Sometimes its such a struggle not to get that air panic or feel like I'm overheating especially when its really hot and humid and I'm struggling to breath. Anyone else noticing those things? Anyways we'll keep on rockin it up there. 3,2,1...GO!!!

The Red Dwarf said...

Thanks Matt. It was great to get back into the weight room. I can't wait until I can get back full time. You all looked great last night. I finished in 14.34 with a modified gut buster and 95lb cleans. It felt good but my abs hurt today. This S**t Sucks....What Time Tomorrow!

ThePirate said...

14:49 in the blazing heat, I think the only reason I didn't beat the blob was because of the loss of blood due to my injury. 3-2-1 go.