"The 3 bars of death"

Deadlift (1.5x body weight)
Bench (body weight)
Power Clean (.75 body weight)

Scale weight if necessary, but still go HEAVY!

Post times and weights to comments

And prepare to hurt all weekend...


welcometothegunshow said...

28:17. TWO SECONDS behind Meeks, but I'll take it :) I had myself psyched out for this one before we even started. I had to scale the weight percentages a little. Not TOO much though! I did...

1.25xBW deadlift (160#)
.75xBW bench (95#)
.60xBW power clean (75#)

Bench was a major PR for me. Wasn't sure if I could do 95# one time, let alone make it through all 55 reps. The pain is setting in, tomorrow is not going to be fun...Meeks, I'm proud of us for toughing this one out!

sixpackinthacooler said...

Congrats Nicole. You are a 100 times stronger and more confident with weight than when you started. 28:15 for me and I barely beat you. My weights were:
1.5 X Deadlift 300lbs
.75 X Clean 155lbs
Body Weight bench 205lbs