5 Rounds:

10 Deadlift (225#/125#)
10 Burpees

Bring on the HEAT!

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Nicole loves HSPU and Burpees!!!

Meeks showing off his skills
...and Matt taking a cheap shot at his head


sixpackinthacooler said...

12:19 the boys 1 machine 0. Bring it on.

fatguyinalittlecoat said...

13:06. I think the machine must be a little rusty after a few days missing in action.:)

welcometothegunshow said...

What is all this machine talk??? I finished in 15:30...last, but I'm ok with that. I guess thats what happpens after 4 days off! I did get a new PR on deadlift though with 5x10 of 125#. Meeks...I WILL bring it on! I'm back in action with strict Zoning and CrossFit...so watch your backs! :)