Ego Boost

Quote of the day: "Oh, so that's why Ms. Conover has muscles like a wrestler!"

5 rounds of the following:

10 Squat Clean & Press
5 Muscle Ups
200m Run

Post times to comments!


theloneranger said...

I did my own thing of course:

5 rounds
30 Jumping Pull Ups
20 Push Press 95lbs
10 Knees to Elbows

Good work out but I did not keep track of my time. I was tired after completing it and my shoulders were burning. It didn't help that on my last round I got a blister on my hand. I finished it anyways doing finger tip jumping pullups. This S*@T sucks.....What time tomorrow.

welcometothegunshow said...

I did Friday's workout (deadlift, overhead squat, bench, gut busters) in 20:42. I did 65# squats and 115# deadlift (which was the weight that I couldn't finish with at the crossfit challenge!!). So that's a good sign!

Meeks said...

I felt great with todays workout. Came in first with a time of 20:32, my first first in a while.