Back in Business!

Dani and Nicole tackled the big box!!

5 rounds for time:

20 Box Jumps
20 Sit Ups
5 HSPU (or 15 Push Ups)
Run a 400

Post time to comments!

Get it Dani!!

Nicole's battle wound...3-2-1-GO! Quitting is for losers!


TheRevoltingBlob said...

Yesterday we did the C&J workout from the games. 30 Squat Clean and Jerks for time at 155#. My time was 8:52. Not very impressive, but it was our first time doing Grace (or possibly soon to be named Kallista). I am happy with a sub 10 min time especially going heavier than the prescribed 135# and this being my first attempt at this workout. Lots of room for improvement though. Killer! Today's should be as fun as a shotgun blast to the face! 3,2,1...GO!!!

wannabeamilf said...

Yeah. Even though I would've gotten my ass kicked by Kallista, I am still proud of my time, effort, and form yesterday! 8:55 was my time and I definitely learned that I could've handled more weight. The 65# that I used was an improvement for me, so to know that I can add more next time makes me happy!

Meeks said...

10:25, not my best performance, but I will continue to try hard.

welcometothegunshow said...

25:54 on today's workout. And a nasty battle wound to show for it!!! But I finished! 3-2-1-Go!! Thanks to Dani for inspiring me to try the big box jumps!!! That was definitely a PR for us on box jumps!

welcometothegunshow said...

And, I've been slacking big time on the pics. They are all on my camera...they'll end up here, I promise!

thereddwarf said...

I felt like that workout was never going to end. I ended with a time of 26 something. Not sure the exact time. Handstand pushups one round and 15 pushups for the rest. Time off sucks. This Sh*t sucks.....What time tomorrow.

thereddwarf said...

Congrats to Dani and Nicole on the box jumps. You guys are awesome. Sweet war wound Nicole.

TheRevoltingBlob said...

Nice job Dani and Nicole going big on the box jumps. I felt probably the best I have ever felt on a work out like this. I finished in 17:36. I didn't have to stop on any of my movements, and my handstand push-ups felt great. I got all five every round without kipping. I think it helped doing the workout outside. I did it at the Florence Community Center. For the running portion I was locked neck and neck in a brutal race to the finish every round with an eight year-old kid on his bike. It was really funny. He stayed there to watch and race me through the whole workout. Nothing like representing CrossFit in North O!

Meeks said...

21:25 to the finish, great to get a little Metcon under our belt. Great job Dani and Nicole, you guys are warriors.