Killer Numbers

40-30-20 of the following:

Pull Ups
KettleBell Swings
Double Unders


Post time to comments!

Meeks <3 Burpees!

Dani swinging the pood...

...I don't care who you are, that's funny


TheRevoltingBlob said...

This work out was crazy hard! I finished in 30:52. Nicole, you killed it! Everyone kicked ass in that sauna of a weight room. I don't know about everyone else, but that heat forces a mental toughness that you can't find in many other workouts. But come hell or high water... 3,2,1...GO!!!

Meeks said...

34:20 Lat but not least. This one kicked my ass.

welcometothegunshow said...

I finished in 30:26. Matt I thought your time was 30:34, you were just a couple seconds behind me! Nice job everyone for sweating it out! I have never sweat as much in my life as I do in that weight room! I second Meeks' idea from yesterday to never do that workout again!!

TheRevoltingBlob said...

Nicole, I think you are right, I overestimated on the previous time because I forgot the exact time. I'll go with what you said:)