Five rounds of five:

Handstand Push Ups
400 m Run

We're going heavy on deadlift!!

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Meeks & Matt deadlifting 315#

Ryan deadlifting 225# and Nicole deadlifting 135#


welcometothegunshow said...

My time was 19:24...one second before Meeks, thanks to my sweet running skills!! I did 135# on deadlift, the most I've ever done! :) And I didn't have to modify any of my HSPU's, also a first! This was a good one for me...

Meeks said...

19:25, I tried to catch her but she is too fast. 315 on deadlift was HEAVY!!! Overall I was happy.

Minturn said...

This one was a tough one, especially after yesterday's. I'm pretty sure that I finished in 21:00. Mike, you're right, 315 was heavy. My hands tore even worse after yesterday and I suck at running. For reference sake:), yesterday we did 21,18,15...and decreased by three every round of pullups and hang clean. I used 135# and finished in 19:22. SWEET!!!

righteouslyripped said...

So the ladies won again?!

welcometothegunshow said...

haha righteouslyripped, I think I like you!! :) I may have finished first again, but I don't ALWAYS "win"!! You know, they don't call me welcometothegunshow for nothing :)