Feel the Burn!!

One time through the following, with one rope climb after each set of 45...

45 Push ups
45 Pull ups
45 Sit ups
45 Burpees
45 Air squats
45 Lunges
45 KB Swings (35/55)
45 Renegade rows per arm (20/30)
45 DB Push press
400m Run
End with a rope climb

Post times to comments!


welcometothegunshow said...

41:50. My souvenirs from the rope climbs are a welt on my leg and numb fingertips

"B" said...

34:30... something like that. I really liked this WOD. First rope climbs ever, I was scared at first, but they are fun! I agree with nicole on the welts and numb fingers.

and I am sure meeks won't post his time since he didnt win ;)

Jesse Benda said...