From the HQ

Five rounds for time of:

15 Deadlift (135#/65#)
12 Hang Power Clean (135#/65#)
9 Front Squat (135#/65#)
6 Push Jerk (135#/65#)
(taken from crossfit.com on 7/2/08)

Post times to comments!

Meeks doing...front squat? push jerk? not sure...

Ryan making an appearance on the blog!!
Now if we could just get him to post his times...


welcometothegunshow said...

18:55 for me, with a 65# bar for everything. Coach Hasselhoff says I need to start increasing my weight...we'll see about that. I got kind of beat up from this one! I have bruises on my collar bone (from the hang cleans, I think), and my hands are killing me today!! Tough, callused hands are so feminine :)

In other news, I am now complex-free! Welcometothegunshow!! haha

Rogue said...

Just realized I forgot to post pics last night...I'll post them later today! And we still need a new group pic so I can take down the one of Meeks' floral shirt and Dani throwing up gang signs...word.

TheRevoltingBlob said...

I felt pretty good on this one. 20:34. 135#

Meeks said...

Slow day for me either 23:25 or 24:25 I can't remember. You know a workout is hard when you look forward to the 15 deadlifts as a "rest"