The Aftermath

4 Rounds:

600M Run
25 K.B. Swings
25 Hollow Rocks
80yds Lunges

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bringingbackthegunshow said...

34:50....and I think I know why this one is called "the aftermath"...I'm not going to be able to walk right for 3 days

operationgetsexi said...

39:18 My legs and butt are absolutely killing me today...I'm kind of dreading the puker not gonna lie

fatguyinalittlecoat said...

thirty something:something something?????? J/k i think it was 37:44. Dead lifts, WOD, then Softball...my body hates me today.

ifyouaint1sturlast said...


cubsfn17 said...

32:53... Yea the butt and legs are beyond sore today!